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Business / WSJ - 22 hours ago

Biotech IPO Boom Comes With Side Effects

Biotech stocks are hot tickets once again on Wall Street and that is bringing a wave of initial public offerings. The risk is the high demand for these companies is offset by a wave of new supply.

Business / WSJ - 3 days ago

Growth Still Trumps Politics for Markets

For fans of high political drama, recent months have been packed with excitement. For markets, not so much. In the battle between economics and politics, faith in growth still has the upper hand for now.

Business / WSJ - 5 days ago

The Netflix Squeeze

Netflix has had an astonishing year. Its shares surpassed $400, up 110% since January, and it was nominated for 112 Emmy Awards, more than any other television network, including HBO, which had held that distinction for 17 years.

Business / WSJ - 6 days ago

China's Land Grab Could End Badly

Investment in China is faltering just as trade tensions heat up. But the situation is actually even worse than it appears—a sign the long-awaited hit from China’s debt crackdown has arrived.

Business / WSJ - 1 week ago

Don't Fall for Pepsi's Sugar High

PepsiCo shares had their biggest percentage increase in nearly a decade Tuesday morning on hopes that the company is arresting the decline of its core, domestic beverages business. Investors are celebrating prematurely.