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Rekindle Your Romance at the Love Sphere, Costa Rica

Imagine staying up late, all snuggled up with your partner under the covers, being lulled to sleep by the gentle chirruping of crickets outside. There’s a nip in the air, there are mountains surrounding your abode, and you don’t have to wake up for o...

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15 Most Beautiful Railway Stations around the World

Though increasingly taking a backseat as a medium for speedy travel, trains continue being the transport mode for the middle-class traveler and won't go extinct anytime soon. An invention just around 400 years old, people across cultures have been fa...

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Best Hotels Near Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Iceland. Starting in 1976 as a wastewater deposit from the adjoining geothermal plant, it has an amazing and amusing history.

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The 15 Highest Restaurants in the World

The restaurant business has been booming in recent years and simply serving good food will not be sufficient for success in this industry anymore. In a bid to outdo each other, restaurateurs have been coming up with creative concepts to offer custome...

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15 Best Hotels in Santorini for Romantic Gateway

Santorini is the Thera of the classics, an island in the southern AegeanSea. It is the southernmost Cycladean island where a volcano wiped out the earliest settlements on the area. The resulting caldera is not the only attraction though as it is the...

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52 Castle Hotels in Ireland: Ultimate List

Ireland continues to attract visitors from far and wide with its temperate weather, friendly people, scenic landscapes, and of course, whiskey. Apart from its natural beauty, the country is home to some of the oldest and most historically rich castle...

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10 Best Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Trip

Why a tour agent if one has the right travel app? Whether it be travelling with your partner or going solo, using the right travel app would ensure not only a trouble-free and adventurous trip but would also save A LOT of money in the process. Over t...