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Business / WSJ - 1 day ago

Can China's New Central Banker Restart Reforms?

The new head of the People’s Bank of China has pedigree as an advocate of free-market reforms. But with Beijing reasserting the role of the state sector in China’s economy, he will find it hard to pursue real change.

Business / Fastcompany - 1 day ago

Thinx is appointing two women to its board

Thinx’s image-rehabilitation campaign has thus far encompassed raising salaries, increasing health insurance subsidies, and making sizable charitable contributions. Now the period panty startup is appointing two women to its board. T...

Business / WSJ - 1 day ago

What Investors Should Expect if AT&T Loses

A victory for the Justice Department over AT&T in their antitrust battle creates a more interesting—and more uncertain—situation in the media and telecom industries, and for deal-making, than if AT&T wins.